On October 1, 2017,
the deadliest domestic
mass shooting
took place
in Las Vegas, Nevada
during a concert attended
by mostly young people.


As details of the mass shooting emerged, our Instagram team knew
it was a seminal moment that our audience needed
to understand and more importantly, needed to
grieve with the young
victims lost.

Our goal was to give our young audience  a way to connect  to the people behind the numbers, to celebrate them and give a face to every single one of the 58 victims of this terrible tragedy.



How can you connect with people you don’t know
but feel deeply for their loss?   


Our main challenge was tonally
balancing a tribute to very young victims
in a relatable, non-exploitative manner
on a platform normally used for posts
about food, fun and life.


Instagram Stories provided the
unique opportunity to combine both personal portraits of all 58 victims with information about who they are.


We researched each and every one of their lives in the hopes of telling a more personal story, beyond just a name and age. We believed that an intimate fact could instantly humanize the face looking at you.


It was powerful, elegant, emotional, celebratory and above all showed that every number in the death toll was a real person with a life, a family, and a passion that sadly was now no longer with us.  



NowThis received the highest direct
messaging on any single day during this Story and the highest time-spent for the year.


We were overwhelmed by the reaction and interaction the audience wanted to have with the people affected. We are proud of our coverage, our focus on the personal and how we humanized the victims.